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Affiliated Services

The Women’s Mentoring Foundation understands the complexities of trauma and grief and the limitations it has as an organisation to assist those in need. This is why WMF partners with other organisations who specialise in the areas that we do not to ensure a robust outcome for the women.

Picture of White Ribbon

White Ribbon

End violent against women and girls

Picture of Women's Health

Women's Health

Jean Hailes for Women Health

Picture of Thriving Multicultural Communities

Thriving Multicultural Communities

Advocating and supporting migrants from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

Picture of Australia India House Charitable foundation Limited

Australia India House Charitable foundation Limited

Wonderful partnership

Picture of WICCI Eastern Australia - India

WICCI Eastern Australia - India

Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industrry

Picture of Diversity with Harmony

Diversity with Harmony

We are one, but we are many.

Picture of Kurbingui Youth Development

Kurbingui Youth Development

Leading the way as a mentor, educator and role model for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the greater Brisbane region.

Picture of Brisbane Lord Mayor Charitable Trust

Brisbane Lord Mayor Charitable Trust

Caring for the Brisbane community since the 1950s.

Picture of Queensland Health

Queensland Health

Mental Health Support

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