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Peer Counselling

WMF's Peer Counselling is supporting women and youth experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns to find help, hope, and purpose – thus resulting in improved living!'

Programs: For Individuals

Why WMF Peer Counselling?

Women’s Mentoring Foundation (WMF) improves the lives of women with mental health and wellbeing concerns through our culturally appropriate Peer Counselling services.

Every person’s mental health journey is unique, which is why we provide Peer Counselling – a personalised support to women and youth. WMF’s Peer Conselling services are offered via a range of mobile outreach, centre-based and online delivery services. 

WMF provides guidance on how to confidently recognise and respond to suicide, and individualised, evidence-based and recovery focussed peer support for those experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns.

We partner with health, community, and government organisations to provide holistic support and a safe environment for people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns to live in the community. 

Our Teams have been providing mental health and wellbeing support to people and their families, friends and carers for a number of years now. 

Our support services are flexible and offer genuine choice and control. WMF provides practical and motivational support to Women who have a range of mental health and wellbeing concerns. 

We focus on an individual’s strengths, values and support preferences to improve: 

• quality of life 

• daily living skills 

• capacity for self-care 

• mental health

• over wellbeing health 

• cultural concerns

• suicide prevention & awareness

• social and relationship skills 

• education and employment and much more…..

If you need help now?

IMPORTANT – If you are looking for support for yourself urgently, or are worried that someone’s life is in danger, CALL 000 for emergency help, or head to the nearest hospital.

Additional support lines and resources are listed on our website and can be found here.

Personal Responsibility: Participating in this peer counseling session means that you take full responsibility for your own decisions and actions. The advice & discussions during the session are meant to provide support, but the ultimate responsibility
for the choices you make rests with you. We are not liable for any outcomes, consequences, or damages resulting from the counseling interaction.
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