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Empower Your Mental Well-being with WMF!

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We help you to Lead, Heal and Inspire Transformation.

At Women’s Mentoring Foundation, we champion women from diverse backgrounds, recognising that prevention is essential for your enhanced well-being.
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Our Programs

Women's Mentoring Foundation can support you by facilitating workshops and programs to meet the needs of your workplace, school or community.

For Workplaces


» Boost employee engagement
» Cultivate diverse talent
» Elevate leadership skills

Forge a Resilient Organisation Through Effective Leadership Support.

For Communities


» Engage Individuals & Community Leaders 
» Cultivate Well-being
» Foster Connectedness

Build Resilient Communities That Prioritise Mental Health and Well-being.

For Schools


» Enhance Self-Leadership Skills
» Improve Well-being & Mental Health
» Respond  Effectively to Bullying

Students will gain knowledge and tools to develop the ability to take control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions, enabling them to navigate challenges with confidence and focus.

Lead • Heal • Inspire • Transform

WMF: Empowering Women, Preventing Harm

Our Mission: Promote mental health and combat harmful behavior in women from diverse backgrounds.

Our Focus: Creating a world where women thrive emotionally, free from harmful behaviors, and have the support they need.


The Women’s Mentoring Foundation’s (WMF) purpose is:
• improve service delivery for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women and young people
• help women heal from hurt, distress, grief, and trauma
• develop self-leadership abilities, confidence, and focus
• resulting in better mental, emotional, and social health
• focus on prevention to improve wellbeing


We do this with the aid of our grief share, healing, self-development and leadership programs, as well as speaking engagements, therapies and various events held throughout the year.


To enrich the healing process and provide access to resources to help prevent suicide and mental breakdowns.

Harm Prevention

As a Harm Prevention Organisation, we “Empowering communities to prevent harm and promote greater well-being for all.

Upcoming Events

women participating in mentoring workshops online

Empower Your Life: WMF's Free Monthly Workshop Series

Embark on a year of self-discovery and growth with the Women’s Mentoring Foundation’s 2024 Free Monthly Workshop Series. Every second Friday of the month, we invite you to join us for enriching sessions on mental health, personal development, and community support. These workshops are designed to inspire and empower, offering a safe space for learning and sharing. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your wellbeing or help others, our series provides valuable insights and tools for everyone. Come, be a part of this empowering journey!

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Like all the women who’ve found support through WMF, we too can’t do this without your help! 

With a tax-deductible gift, you can help us share the message of mental health, resilience and wellness with more people and communities.

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