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Why is the Health of Young Women an Issue in Today’s Society?

People often ask us at WMF, what is our niche market for our cohort?
We say Women and by that we mean females of any age. Yes before it was an age range of 25 plus, however this last few years we have had young women, as young as 10, reach out with a cry of help.
What is our cut off for the age limit, I don’t know. Officially it maybe 14 and above, but I would never ever close our services to anybody who reached for support. If there was such a case that we could not meet their need, then we the Team at WMF will do everything possible to find the best support services for the individual.
Let’s recap on  Why is the health of young women an issue in today’s society?
No matter what the age group, Women’s personal, professional, social and economic circumstances, their daily living conditions, life characteristics, overall attitude to outer health and mental health issues as well as emotional intelligence vary over the course of their lives. 
There are specific elements, external and internal, which impact on the health of young women and for many of them, it starts at a very early age depending on their external environment. Young people, especially females tend to attach deeper emotional meaning to events that happen in their life. This includes positives and negatives. Hence it is important that they are educated on early interventions, prevention and healing from the trauma, hardships and painful incidents that they or anyone they know may have experienced
Pushpa Vaghela
Women’s Mentoring Foundation

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