Our New More Focussed Direction to Help & Support CALD Communities

This week has been a busy week for us as the WMF team. Starting 2023 was all about creating a new direction and one point focus of where we are going with WMF’s cause in ending suffering in our world.

Once I had put forward our new direction to our Board, and after receiving approval from our Board, the next step was to assemble a team of skilled individuals who shared our passion for WMF and its mission. Each member of our team assessed their skills, passions, and professionalism, identifying areas where they could contribute and grow. This will enable us to continue our mission of serving women and improving their quality of life.

I, as the CEO of WMF, am so grateful to the incredible team that represents our organization. Their commitment to WMF’s work is unwavering, and I am honoured to work alongside them. Here’s a preview of the direction we’re taking so that you may also gain insight into our new approach.


“The Framework from WMF and for Mental Health in Multicultural Australia’s CALD women and young people will be in person and in online resources. It has been developed to support Australian CALD communities, women, and others to work effectively in a multicultural context.

The Framework consists of a tailored set of workshops, educational forums, speaking engagement and self-reflection tools, which will allow women and CALD community leaders to evaluate and enhance their cultural responsiveness. The clients can build on their strengths and address areas for improvement in a self-paced way, with access to a range of support and resources to inform for mental health in both personal and professional zones. WMF will be continuing to address the multiple barriers to accessing mental health care by communicating with CALD leaders.

WMF aims to prioritize mental health and wellness as a daily ritual for CALD women and others. As they develop stronger self-leadership skills for better mental, emotional, and social health, as well as increased confidence and focus, our services will facilitate their journey towards overall wellbeing.”

Love and Respect to you All
Pushpa Vaghela, CEO
Women’s Mentoring Foundation Ltd

Article written by: Pushpa Vaghela

WMF's New Direction (2023) Graphic

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