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Welcome, our aim here is to provide you with the tools to succeed and the guidance and support required on your journey to wellness. We look forward to working with you all.

WMF aims to empower women through positive change who might be experiencing:

  • Pain and grief caused by various abuses, 
  • Anger or insecurity, 
  • Suicidal thoughts, 
  • Domestic, sexual and family violence, 
  • Gender inequality, 
  • Depression and/or Stress, 
  • Compromised mental and emotional wellbeing, or 
  • Who have a lack of safety and stability in their lives.


WMF exists in order to share the tools which are used for recovery by women who may not have the skills and insights to do so. The aim is for women of all ages, diverse cultures and professions, to be confident, focused and proactive in their own Self Leadership and creating a better life, secure employment and even possibly starting a small business.

Women Support & Counselling
How WMF Can Help & Support You


Counselling is available with qualified staff at WMF to help women from all ages, diverse cultures, and professions, to build up their ability to be confident, focused, and heal from compromised Mental, Emotional and Physical health, to being proactive in creating a better life, personally, professionally, in all arenas of your day-to-day living.

To enquire or book a Counselling session please click on the “Book Now” button below.


Coaching / Mentoring

Mentoring is available with qualified staff:

    • To provide compassionate relief to women suffering or in distress from diverse backgrounds;


    • To support them by offering intervention support and bereavement counselling to save lives;


    • To provide peer mentors to build capacity to support women suffering from suicidal crisis, emotional pain or distress;


    • To encourage recovery in a compassionate and respectful way;


    • To provide information and referral for women who are suffering from poverty of distress;


    • To establish suicide prevention activities to support community connection and awareness activities.


To enquire or book for a Coaching / Mentoring sessioin please click on the “Book Now” button below.

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