We Are a Social Enterprise

We are a Social Enterprice Organisation!

This week saw Pushpa (CEO) of Women’s Mentoring Foundation (WMF), speak at EID celebrations and better mental health for CALD women. A part of what Pushpa spoke on was Self […]

Are You Saying Sorry Too Much?

A Gentle Reminder For What We Do(3)

Did you know for many of us, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to settle into a routine at the beginning of a new year? 2021 was a year during […]

A Gentle Reminder About What We Do

A Gentle Reminder For What We Do(1)

The Women’s Mentoring Foundation has been providing counseling, coaching, and mentoring services since 2018. Women from diverse cultures approach us with various challenges, and we take pride in offering them […]

Suicidal thoughts and prevention

Suicidal thoughts and prevention The definition of suicide means intentionally taking your own life. Suicidal feelings can include an abstract thought about ending your life. Suicidal thought can also be […]

Anger and Insecurity

What is anger? Anger is a secondary emotion. Typically, we experience a primary emotion like fear, loss, or sadness first. Because these emotions create feelings of vulnerability and loss of […]

Pain & Grief Caused By Any Form of Abuse

Pain and grief caused by any forms of abuse

The most common definition of abuse, what we usually use in society, is a way of behaviour used by one person to gain and maintain power and control over another. […]

Work-Life Balance for Mental Health

Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is an essential step in preventing burnout out and positive mental health. Burnout has become very prevalent during COVID with lockdown. Working from home creates some unique challenges. […]