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Are You Saying Sorry Too Much?

Did you know for many of us, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to settle into a routine at the beginning of a new year?

2021 was a year during which we have all been reminded of the importance of well-being and resilience in our lives. It was a year in which the line between our work lives and our home lives blurred more than ever. It’s been a time when we’ve been most in need of our humanity. Times of adversity and challenge can teach us a lot about ourselves and what we need to thrive.

Here we are in March 2023, two years on and its is evident that many of our CALD women and young people are still dealing with the aftermath and continuation of the pandemic.

These last few weeks I have been speaking with many CALD women that have returned back to their profession career following the reduced restrictions. Now talking on the state of the mental health will be topic for another blog, in this one I wanted to simply share a couple of tips on how you can make the remainder of the Year of meaning, purpose, connection, and joy in you .

You don’t have to be over “SORRY” for anything or anybody!

Did you know many CALD women think they are wrong most of the time, I know this out of personal experience, I have been in that space and I felt guilty all the time, thinking I was the one in the wrong. This was at work, and even in the home. A part of our very human instinct to seek acceptance and belonging lead us in thinking. Yes, say sorry when it’s appropriate. But did you know over-apologizing weakens the sentiment when it’s warranted. It also makes us appear less confident, which can in turn make us less confident.

There are going to be plenty of times when we really do need to apologise during the rest of 2023, so let’s not be sorry about maintaining the power of such an important tool by not overusing it.

Human connection is the key to our hybrid future. WMF promotes Great Health, Wealth & Relationships, these are the only 3 things that will give you an opportunity to live a improved and outstanding life.

Whether we’re back in the office, working from home, or doing some combination of those, fostering human connection is essential, in companies, in teams, and in our own lives, its is evident that close relationships are the single biggest factor in our happiness, more than money, fame and other outward forms of success. While technology allows us to virtually connect in our hybrid world, it’s human connection that allows us to thrive and guess what you can do this online and even more
so in person!

Love and Respect
Women’s Mentoring Foundation Ltd

Article written by: Pushpa Vaghela

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